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Brook has instructed my daughter for 3 years. My daughter has developed her skills on so many different levels. Brook has taught her how to be a safe rider, and an in tune care giver to her horse. My daughter’s compassion for the horses she rides, care of the surrounding facility she rides in, grooming of herself as a rider and competitor have immensely grown over the years. Brook instills the need to be in a positive focused mind set while riding. Safety is emphasized both on and off the horse. She assists her in handling the frustrations of working with another animal in a manner that respects her horse and develops a mature emotional response in the rider. My daughter thrives on the challenges and growth opportunities Brook presents her with in a large part due to Brook’s positive and encouraging presentation style. Her sense of humor helps to keep the stress level low and the fun high.

Becca Morrow and Tig

In 2003 our grand-daughter Abby was five years old and decided she wanted to learn how to ride a horse. Luckily her first instructor was Brook who quickly made her feel at ease on a horse and Abby was hooked. Brook moved to England shortly thereafter to compete in international events and Abby was devastated to lose such a great instructor.

Early this year we were overjoyed to learn that Brook had recently returned to our area and Abby wanted to learn how to jump her horse. Abby owns a small quarter horse so Brook carefully checked out both Abby and her horse and decided they both had potential.

Watching Brook teach a lesson is a very enjoyable experience. She is very clear with directions and delivers her instructions in a calm and friendly manner which puts a rider at ease. She is ever-watchful of both horse and rider and will quickly analyze and correct any situation that might arise.

Since Brook has been teaching Abby how to jump her horse for a few months it is amazing to see how effortlessly Abby can now take her horse over several jumps in a row and then make a quick and smooth turn to line up for more jumps.

Brook is totally dedicated to her student and never sits down or takes a cell phone call during lessons. I cannot say the same for previous instructors and it is a pleasure to see Abby smiling during her lessons as Brook is able to teach her with a positive attitude and vast knowledge of horsemanship. With every lesson I see Abby gaining new confidence in her abilities and her horse seems very contented, without stress, because she understands what is expected from her.

I cannot see Abby ever needing another instructor as Brook is superbly qualified to teach any level of competition riding you could desire for riders of any age.

Dan & Dolores Vincent

Abby Vincent and Chloe

I was only going to take a few lessons.  That is what I truly believed when I was first introduced to Brook several years ago.  After all, I was an middle aged adult now who enjoyed a successful show career in New England as a child and teenager but I had taken a 23 year hiatus from riding. 

A friend had offered me a chance to ride her horse and that was all it took to get me passionate about riding again.  It wasn’t long before I had bought my thoroughbred and began boarding him close to my house.  A mutual friend and student of Brook’s introduced us and she encouraged me to take a few lessons.  I remember vividly that my goals were simple and very limited.  I just wanted to brush up on the fundamentals and be able to leisurely trail ride safely.  I had told Brook that I had no desire to show again, those days were long behind me.  My horse, although ridden several times a week was not in shape and was challenged when worked hard. 

I liked Brook instantly.  Her patience and teaching skills are superior as she tailors her methods to the individual’s learning style.   She has a way of conveying her instruction to you that enables you to understand and develop the skill along with the understanding of the “why” you are doing it.  She is focused, calm and extremely encouraging.  Her positive nature and wonderful sense of humor makes learning from her such a amazing experience. 

I look forward to our lessons each week with anticipation as to what new thing I will discover about myself or my horse.  She has taught us both so much.  I believe that she has instilled in me the belief that anything is possible.  I would have never believed that after spinal surgery and being told that I would never be able to ride again, I would not only be riding but competing again. 

Erin Hunt and Bauer

Thanks to Brook and her encouragement and challenging me to always safely push myself,  Bauer and I just were double champions in our last horse show in both the hunter and equitation divisions. It is never too late and age is really just a number.  I look forward to many more exciting challenges with Brook as my trainer!


Erin Hunt

Brook shares her knowledge in many ways. She demonstrates the skills by getting on the horse and letting her see with her eyes, she verbally explains the concepts behind the movements and will even draw it out if needed. Because Brook rides well and trains horses, she understands the horses strengths and weaknesses and helps the riders train the horse to grow, therefore growing together. Brook relates well to horse, rider and parent of the rider.

Regina Morrow

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