Stainthorpe Equestrian

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have your own Barn/Riding Facility?

No, I travel to your home, boarding or riding facility.

Do you take Boarders?

No, but I can recommend barns local to you that accept boarders.  Contact me for more details.

Do you have Lesson Horses?

No.  Students must have access to their own horse.

Where are you Located?

I am based in Longwood FL and teach in and around the Greater Orlando Area.

Do you have anywhere I could trailer my horse to for a lesson with you?

Yes, I can teach you at a few locations I use, all of which have great facilities with rings and jumps.  Please contact me for more details.

What ages do you teach?

6 years and up.  I teach both children and adults, from beginners through to professionals.

Do you have any professional certifications or affiliations?

Yes.  I am a certified Instructor by the British Horse Society and I am a professional member of the United States Hunter Jumper Association and the United States Equestrian Federation.

Do you teach Western Style Riding?

No, I teach Hunter Jumpers.

Do you teach Dressage?

No, I teach Hunter Jumpers.

What is Hunter Jumper style riding?

Hunter Jumper (also known as Hunt Seat riding and English style riding) is based on the tradition of Fox Hunting. It covers many disciplines, both on the flat and over fences, but there are three main classes.

Hunters are judged on their horses movement and form.

Equitation judges riders on their position, posture and riding ability.

Jumpers (over fences only) are judged on their horses jumping ability and speed.

Do you Train Horses?

Yes.  As well as teaching students, I ride and train horses for clients.

Do you compete at horse shows?

Yes, I have clients for whom I train and compete their horses.

Do your students compete at horse shows?

Yes, most of my students enjoy competing, however, if you just enjoy riding for the simple fun of it I would still be happy to offer you lessons.